HMRRC Winter Series #4 (15K) Race Report

This same race in 2015

Once again the Hudson Mohawk Runners Club sponsored a FREE race for its members and this weekend, they offered distances of 3M, 15K and 30K.

I was hoping for better weather than last weekend so that I could run one of these races. Remember, I don’t like rain or snow of ice….

Well, it was great – in the 30’s with just a little wind.

Since I have a half marathon in 3 weeks, I chose to run the 15K and then add on more miles after.

I have run several 15Ks (including 3 on this same course) and as you can see my times are all over the place:

HMRRC #4 – 1:34:29 -same course
Stockade-athon 15K – 1:31:35 PR
Stockeadeathon – 1:33:23
HMRRC #1 – 1:34:55 – same course
HMRRC #4 – 1:42:40 -same course

Stockeadeathon – 1:42:22
Stockeadeathon – 1:36:08

As I said previously, I am NOT stating any goals for my races. I just wanted to enjoy the race, not have any pain and get my training miles in for my upcoming half marathon.

Without all that pressure, I felt relaxed for the race.

These races start at 10 am so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I always leave early to get parking since these races are crowded and there are other events going on at UAlbany.

Because this race was organized by ARE, I thought that they would have bibs & chip timing like last year so I wore my race belt but they didn’t.

And since it was a holiday weekend, the attendance seemed to be down from 2 weeks ago so I was there earlier than I needed to be.

What I love about this local race is that you get to see a lot of people that you know. And I immediately bumped into running friends, Judy & Barbara again.


We stayed indoors until the last minute and then made out way outside.

I lined up with Barbara who was also running the 15K.  I hoped that she would run slower than the 3.5 mile race a few weeks ago and we could run the race together.


basically a few loops around parking lots

With all the races that I have run (about 175?), I have never raced with anyone.  My friends are either slower or faster so I always run solo.

Well, I did stay with Barbara for about 3 miles.  We were running in the 9s and I had wanted to run this race around 10. It was a training run and I was afraid of straining something.


As you can see, Barbara is getting ahead of me

So I let her run ahead and as she did last time, she seemed to maintain her pace and I did not.  I could only keep her in my sight for a few miles and then she disappeared from view.

For most of the race, I felt fine.  I was warm so I unzipped my jacket and took off my gloves but by the end, I felt chilled.

I walked through the water stop around mile 3 and then several times after mile 6 including to take a Gu (Orange – gag!) and another water stop around mile 7. I ran up most of the hills until the last one (I was pooped by mile 9.)


love this pic!

I was very happy with how I ran this race as a training run – I pushed myself just enough but not too much. It wasn’t a PR 15K but it turned out to be a course PR and my 2nd fast 15k.

Race splits:

mile 1 – 9:28
mile 2 – 9:53
mile 3 – 9:41
mile 4 – 10:16 (water)
mile 5 – 10:07
mile 6 – 9:58
mile 7 – 10:50 (gu & water)
mile 8 – 10:07
mile 9 – 10:26 (walks)
.3 – 8:38

Finish Time – 1:33:13


only prizes for 1st & 2nd

Barbara whose time was 1:29:xx was waiting for me at the finish line. (Judy had run the 3 miler and was long gone.)

We chatted and had some refreshments. There was pumpkin bisque and vegetable curry soups – I had both and some bread and hot cocoa.


After Barbara left,  I dragged myself out the door to run some more miles. It was tough. My legs had stiffened and I was cold & sweaty but I ran the scenic part of the campus.




2.2 miles more to bring my total up to 11.5 for the day.


my new bargain smartwool socks & Nike shoes = no blisters (happy feet)

My hubby won his tennis match so we are off to celebrate that, my race and our wedding anniversary.

l&d  12038287_10154200672714428_4679287681227959390_n

Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter?  Did you run this weekend?


9 thoughts on “HMRRC Winter Series #4 (15K) Race Report

  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    That is a great race time 🙂 So close to your half, that was smart to back it down and not push. I need to learn that lol I am glad you had decent weather.


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