TOTR: 2016 – The Year of No Goals

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This week’s topic is GOALS FOR 2016.


Who me?

The person who has individual race goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and  yearly goals.

Well, no more! You will no longer see that G word.

Goals are like checking off a to-do list.

Yes, I did  it.

No, I did not.

It really doesn’t change you.

I want to impact lifestyle changes and setting goals, I don’t think will help me.

I don’t even think about my goals until at the end of week or the month or the year when I write about how I achieved some and failed at others.

I also want this blog to be less about me and more about running.

Of course, I will recap my races, my week, my month, etc.

Hopefully by posting about my running experiences (both successes and failures), I will motivate other runners (especially us older ones) to run and keep running.

That being said, I do have hopes and dreams (not goals) for 2016:

I hope to…

  • To improve my running

For me, it’s to get stronger and be a more confident runner.  To have more quality training runs.  To maintain my current speed and if I am very lucky PR at some distance. To run lots of races (both long ones and short ones.)

  • To run with others

With my schedule, it is easier to run solo.  But running with others is more fun.  I often shy away from running groups (like Fleet Feet, ARE, etc) because I feel that I am too slow.  I hope to take advantage of more group running opportunities.

  • To volunteer and give back

I had great experiences with this in 2015 and I hope to continue with STEM, GOTR and any others opportunities that present itself.  My specials needs buddy is awesome. I hope to connect with him more.  And to make time to see my mentee Amanda & her kids more often.

  • To eat healthier

I am addicted to carbs and sweets.  I can justify the carbs for running but I hope to substitute more fruits and veggies into my diet. This also includes drinking more water.

  • To get physically on track

I may not weigh myself but I know for a fact that the excess pounds have moved to an ugly place (my waist & butt).  My excuses have been that it is an age thing (Sorry, the meni pot is a fact.) But I think it is important for me to exercise (not just run and play tennis).  Sit less, walk more? Gym time? Planks? Yoga? Whatever it takes to look better.

  • To spend quality time with family and friends

Running is important but not more important than those I care about.  Skipping a run to be with them…it should happen.

Happy Running! Are you goal setter?  What do you hope for in 2016?



18 thoughts on “TOTR: 2016 – The Year of No Goals

  1. I shy away from group runs because yes, I really am to slow to keep up with them. Been there, done that. So I know for a fact that you are not; I know what if you showed up, you would be able to keep up with someone.

    My biggest dream for 2016? A healthy year: for me, for my parents, for my animals.


  2. those are some good “hopes” for your running and yourself in this upcoming year. the quality time w/ fam and friends is always such an important goal — prob the most important one — as relationships mean everything. health & people = winning at life. 🙂


  3. Haha I am not a goal setter. Until this year I finally succumbed and set some. Loose ones, pretty much. I’m so with you on the weight. Ugh. Health and happiness is what it’s all about.


  4. I really like your approach and you’ve got some great hopes for the new year! I need to look at more volunteering opportunities too. I’ve been challenging myself to try a different running group a few times a month, even though I’m too slow! I think it’s totally worth it.


  5. I love it! A complete flip from what we traditionally do 🙂
    All great things to aspire to do!
    I do set loose goals…like exercise four times a week, but I keep my goals conservative…I don’t want to feel like I can’t reach them.


  6. Go Darlene! I’ve found the less I focus on concrete measurable numbers-based goals and the more I think about the intrinsic benefits of running… The happier I am. Sure, I still love negative splits and PRs, but I’m really trying to get back to the joy of running for the sake of running.


  7. Great post! i love the hopes for the year!

    I am a pretty shy person and struggle with group runs but trying to be less shy..we will see how that works out.

    I plan to do some volunteering with my local run club. They have low key races and i think I am going to volunteer more to help with sign up, clean up and race support.

    I wish you nothing but enjoyment and fulfillment of your hope for 2016!


  8. I love it! Sounds like you are just looking to have fun and enjoy the sport that has brought you so much joy over the years. I agree with you on more family & friends 🙂


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