Think Out Loud Thursdays: Weekend Plans

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

So here’s what I’m thinking…

How can I fit it all in this weekend?

My friends have scheduled a Mah Jongg weekend at a house on Schroon River.


Unexpectedly, we have summer weather in mid-September.


So boating season continues. It’s so short and the winter so long that I really want to be out on the lake one last time.


And then there’s half marathon training…3 weeks to go before my race.


I was planning to run 11-12 miles….

I even considered running a local half marathon on Sunday but quickly decided that it was stupid to spend $65 for the company of other runners (and there was also a chance of rain on Sunday.)

So what am I going to do?

All three!!!

  1. Get up early on Saturday and do my long run.
  2. Drive up to the lake and spend the day on our boat.
  3. Afterwards, head up to Schroon River and join the ladies for mah jongg.
  4. Spend Sunday with the mah jongg ladies.

Yup, it should be a busy, fun weekend!


last year’s Sunday group

Happy Running! What are you thinking about this Thursday?


10 thoughts on “Think Out Loud Thursdays: Weekend Plans

  1. You sure can pack in a lot of activities in one weekend. I have a cutback week so only 12 miles on Sunday and it’s in Boston area since I am still visiting my mom.


  2. Sounds like fun & a good weekend for all of that. I’ll run my 11 miles and then there probably won’t be much else going on, except dinner out on Saturday. Although Sunday is my husband’s birthday & I have a surprise planned for him . . . if it actually gets here.

    BTW, next weekend I’m doing Maddie’s Mark. The group is supposed to meet early to get in a few miles before but I really don’t want to do that. I was planning to try to get some miles in that afternoon/evening; maybe — just sayin’.


    • I was planning on staying in Chestertown Fri & Sat because I have a race there Sat am. Unfortunately, there was miscommunication and I may not be able to stay at my friend’s house. So I guess I’ll drive up that am for the race. It’s a hilly 10K and I will probably add miles to it afterward for a long run.


      • Hope you can work it out with your friend! I’d personally call it quits with the 10k that close to the half, but that’s me.

        My race isn’t until almost midday, so I’ll be completing miles later. Maybe. My husband also has something going on that day so there’s some juggling going on.


  3. yay for September boating and race training! hope you have an awesome weekend. i didn’t make it to Lake George at all this summer but your pix always look so lovely. i also looked at the Saratoga Palio half this wknd (assuming that’s the one you’re talking about) but came up with the same conclusion — paying for a train ticket and a race fee isn’t ideal right now. 🙂 enjoy your wknd!


  4. Boo to summer like runs! We always have them in September and October, I am not a fan lol
    It is hard when you get the race itch…and you have to wait! I am getting excited now and Nov. seems very far away lol


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