Thinking Out Loud Thursday: That Elusive Speed

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

I have been thinking about running goals and speed.

I was getting faster for awhile..

and then things slowed down for whatever reason.

Of course as we age, we slow down.

But what if we started running when we were old. Do we still slow down?

So it seems that if we don’t slow down then it’s a Win-Win.

After a few months of running, my 5k finish times went down to a consistent 29-30 minutes.

Fasig Tipton '10

Then all of a sudden, I was able to run 27-28 minute 5ks.

Malta 5K

Now, I am back to finishing at 29-30 minutes.

Betar Byway 5k

Did I slow down or is that where I should be for my age??

Am I going to get even slower? If so, I need to adjust my goals!!

The same thing happened with Half Marathons.

I finished my first one in around 2:26.

Naples Half  Marathon

Of course, eventually I got faster and finished one in 2:09


Now, I am back to finishing close to 2:26.

Walkway Half Marathon
So will I continue to run at this speed? Or can I get faster?  Or as I age will I get even slower?

Just food for thought.

On another related topic….

I decided to run some 5ks this summer.

  • TEAM Sarcoma 5k on July 11 (this Saturday)
  • Silks & Satins 5k on July 24 (in 2 weeks)

Both take place in Saratoga – the first one in the park and the second in town starting at the race track.

How fast will I be? Who knows?

Happy Running! Do you struggle with race goals related to speed?


11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: That Elusive Speed

  1. Your running times are amazing. I still can’t break 35 minutes on a 5K. Ugh! I probably just don’t try hard enough, I’m guessing. And there are those times that I feel older than dirt. HaHa!


  2. My guess? Not enough recovery, too many halfs too close together & I suspect the hill work & drills you did in your group helped, too.

    And then there’s the weather . . . slower funning in summer = faster fall times.

    I keep telling myself that, anyway.


  3. If you solve this enigma, please let me know. I continue to struggle as well. Sometimes, I think the problem is more in my head. Good luck this weekend! Hope your CRUSH it.


  4. I’m honestly not sure what the deal is with speed work. Soemtimes I have a way easier time with it, and sometimes my legs just feel like lead. Very frustrating, but I figure that as long as I’m enjoying myself and feeling good, I must be doing something right 😀


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