Teal Ribbon 5K race recap

I decided to run this race instead yesterday’s Race for the Cure.

This race was closer, smaller and just different. (I have run the Susan Komen race for the past 6 years.)


lake house

The course was two loops in Washington Park (where I run often).


I did run this race back in 2008, my first year running, but didn’t enjoy running a loop TWICE. I finished in 30:46 which at the time was my fastest 5K time. (So you see, I haven’t really improved much since I started running.)


Moses Statue

Since I hadn’t registered ahead of time (This is a first.), I left early.  I parked at work and jogged/walked to the start. It is nice to run a race 20 minutes from where you live.

When I got there, I ran into quite a few runners that I knew.


these crazy SRMs had run 10 miles to get to the race

Then I ran into someone I went to college with.


Carol (on the right) has had 2 bouts with ovarian cancer


I also bumped into someone I used to work with when I taught French.  I didn’t recognize her and I was shocked that she was a runner.


Gina is to my right. I also met 2 former students.

Two ladies from where I currently work were there volunteering and I saw them too.

Soon it was time to line up.  There were more walkers than runners and we started in different locations and had a different course.

The weather was cool & breezy which was perfect for running. I actually wore a jacket until the race started.

I wound up chatting with a runner in my age group for awhile (about races).  The race started 20 minutes LATE since the registration line was holding things up

My quads were getting very cold and stiff waiting…

Eventually we were off to a congested start.  I tried to keep up with the lady that I had been chatting with but NO WAY! She was fast.  The first mile was tough.  My quads were stiff.  It was the first time that I had felt like that.  By mile 2, they has loosened up.

The course is basically flat with some rolling hills but none too terrible to handle (and I hate hills.)

The weather was cool enough that I decided to skip the water stop which was at the halfway point.

As I mentioned you had to run the course twice.  That meant that I saw my volunteer friends twice.  It was nice to have people cheering me on.  I tried to run fast when I passed them, of course.

Believe it or not, I willed myself not to stop at all during the race.  I wanted to during the last mile but I didn’t. I can’t remember the last time I ran a race without stopping…years ago!

The race end with a downhill which was very nice.

I was pooped but sprinted to try to finish under 28 minutes…

Nope, I couldn’t muster up the strength.


There was no chip so you handled in the bottom of your bib to record your time.

Officially, it was listed as 28:16.  Strange.  I know I crossed much sooner than that.

While I waiting for them to post the race results, I checked to see if I won any raffle prizes…No luck!  Then I had banana and 2 delicious home-baked muffins.

It turned out that the runner that I had been chatting with before the race start won 1st in my age group and by over 2 minutes.  I came in second place.  They gave out handmade mugs but only for first place. Darn!


Even so, I was happy to have run this race.  They raised over $100, 000 to support ovarian cancer ! My friend Carol raised the 2nd largest amount!


mile 1 – 9:07
mile 2 – 9:20
mile 3 – 9:17
.1 –   6:32

My race goals were almost the same as my last 5K:

  • run each mile under 10 min. YES!
  • run the whole thing.  YES!
  • set a course PR.  YES!
  • have fun & stay healthy. YES!

Since they were only awarding first place in each age group, I omitted an age group award from my goals. (Good thing since I didn’t get one.)

After the race, I jogged back to my car. The wind has picked up and the sun went in and I was really cold.  I stopped for a cup of hot coffee at Starbucks, put on my DIY arm sleeves and then headed out for more miles.  I really didn’t feel like it but I knew that I have been slacking off and that 10 mile race will be here before you know it.

I decided to run around where I work and in some new neighborhoods.  It was slow but fairly enjoyable.


apples -a sign that fall is coming!

I covered 4.5 miles and if you count the .5 to the race, the .5 from the race, and the race itself, that’s 8.5 miles for the day! YAY!

Now I can go out out to dinner with friends and not feel guilty!

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Did you run or race?




6 thoughts on “Teal Ribbon 5K race recap

  1. Nice job on reaching all your goals Darlene. Your outfit for race day was super cute! I like winning AG prizes too, but realize that I won’t always be able to and it makes it special when I do!


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