“Swirl On”


Swirlgear’s mission is:

to become the women’s running apparel brand of choice while also celebrating the strength, style and spirit of real women runners! We are a brand new company and do not advertise, so we rely on our Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word about our brand by proudly wearing our gear. Team Swirlgear is comprised of everyday women that are simply positive, passionate about health and love to run. They also benefit from some pretty great incentives!

Since our Brand Ambassadors are typically busy professionals, full-time mothers, or mix of both, we do not require that they do anything more than have fun while wearing our gear with pride! They also stay connected with our community of over 500 women across the country and Canada on our private Swirlgear Brand Ambassador Facebook page. Not only do they keep each other motivated and share inspiring stories of how running has impacted their lives, but they also love to meet and share photos of them “getting their Swirl on” at running events everywhere!

I applied to be an Ambassador and then ordered this top. (I actually ordered a while ago but it took forever to get it. Like SIX Months.)

I hesitated on whether to order a small or a medium. I usually wear a small but I don’t like tight tops so I ordered a medium.

Well, it was worth the wait.  I like the material.  I also like the longer length (so it doesn’t ride up) and the zip pocket (for a key or a GU). BUT IS IT IS TOOOOO BIG!!! I could have sent it back but it took 6 mos to get here and everyone who ordered seems to have the same issue.  The time for wearing tanks in the NE is almost over. So I washed it and put in the dryer and I took in the seams on top.  It isn’t perfect but it is wearable (especially if you wear a sports bra underneath.)


after my 5K race on Saturday

If I order more Swirlgear, I will order a long sleeve or short sleeve top in size SMALL!

The downside to Swirlgear is that they don’t have a lot of styles, colors and prints–yet.  They are a new company, and they are working on expanding. They have definitely added a lot more tops to their fall line.  I am hoping they will add more bottoms – capris, shorts and SKIRTS!

Also the tanks run very wide on top and extra long.  They should have mentioned that on their site.  I feel sorry for them having to deal with all the exchanges.

The other issue for me is cost.  While they are not higher priced than many other quality brands, their items cost more than I normally spend on my running clothes.  I often buy my clothes at Target or Walmart. The quality is definitely there, though, so if that’s the most important thing to you, it would justify the expense.

As a Brand Ambassador, I can offer you free shipping on any Swirlgear purchase using the discount code swirlon at checkout.

And if you are interested in becoming a SwirlGear Brand Ambassador, you can go here to find an application and check things out.

Happy Running! What makes an item the perfect piece of running clothing for you?  







Disclaimer: I was provided a 50% discount on these items as part of the Swirlgear Brand Ambassador program.  They were purchased with my own money, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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