Three Things Thursday Dilemma

In this case, it is THREE RUNS. (Sound familiar?)

I have 3 choices AGAIN this Saturday. (Sunday I am going to Schroon River with the mah jongg ladies.)

1. The first is a 5K race on Saturday morning. I have done it twice before (2010 & 2009). There is a big hill at the beginning & small ones throughout. The race course is NOT scenic (around the neighborhood & a main road.) It is only a 5K so I would have to do my long run on Monday. but it is nearby and I would have time to go up to the lake afterward to go boating.


Sept. 28, 2013 – 10 am

2. The second one is a 5K race on Saturday evening. It is in Lake George and the first time for this race. Lake George is VERY HILLY. It is only a 5K so I would have to do my long run on Monday.  But I could go boating during the day and do the race after. It sounds like a really cool fun race & it is followed by fireworks.  It is scenic (but it will be dark). However, this race would be more fun if I ran it with someone else or had spectators (not sure if my hubby & friends would come watch.)


3. The third choice is to just get my 12 mile long run out of the way and not do a race.  After the run, I could head up to the lake. On Monday the forecast is for rain so I could stay over in Schroon River and run a scenic short one there.


12 miles on the FLAT Nisky bike trail

So which one will I choose???

Most likely #1. Hopefully next year, I will do the Flashlight 5K.

I love racing. I am hoping that the rain will hold off until the afternoon on Monday for my long run. I plan to run the 5K quickly and head up to the lake for my LAST boating outing of the year.

My goals for the race are:  remain uninjured, finish under 31 minutes, win a AG award, and most of all, have fun.

crossing the finish line

at the Race for Hope in 2010 ( a skinnier me)

Happy Running! Do you race when you are training for a half marathon?


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