Running on Ice


Yesterday was my first run with the temps below 32.  The first run since with the temps below 32 since my accident.

I decided since I had a lot of time to go to the bike path.  I missed the exit for the Corning Bike Path in Albany so I continued on to the Colonie Town Park.

Don't I look excited?

Don’t I look excited?

I headed west toward Niskayuna and the path looked pretty dry.


However, if you looked on the sides, there were plenty of ice patches.


Until last Dec 29, ice & snow didn’t faze me.  Now I am totally paranoid!!!

Yes, I had my phone in my pocket and stayed on the path where it was dry.  I took a different loop than I usually do.  I usually do an out and back but I saw a sign that pointed toward the Colonie Town Park parking lot so I followed it.  This was a nice loop bordering on the Mohawk river.  However, I had no idea where I was.  Finally it did end up in the parking lot.

Since I had only run 2 miles, I continued on the path in the other direction (toward Cohoes).  Not as scenic and after you go under the tunnel, the path was covered in ice.

No way was I running over it.  No way was I going around it.  I just turned around!!  (Yes, I am a wimp!!)

So my run was only 4 miles…good enough.

Then I headed for my “Happy Place” – Starbucks and Target.

Happy Running!  Do you run outside when there is ice and snow?


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