4.4 Chase Away Leukemia Race Report

I came so close to NOT doing this race.

  • My week was very hectic and I did not run 5 out 6 days (yes, really!)
  • The highway to get to this race has 4 out 6 lanes closed (a nightmare)
  • My Russian friend Anna changed her plans and showed up last night!!!!!!
  • I went to bed very late and did not sleep well at all
  • Boating days are ending and Anna and my hubby wanted to go on the boat!!
  • I was nervous about running more than 3 miles and about being out of shape…

As a result, my only goal for this race would get it over with and finish standing!  Yes, I admit that is not a good attitude.

So I dragged myself out of bed and dressed in purple running clothes.  I packed a bag so that I could head up to the boat right after the race.  Anna would go up with my hubby and I would meet them there.

At the last moment, Anna decided that she wanted to watch me race.  She had never been to a race. (Great!  Now more stress!)

drinking coffee out of my new Moscow mug

So I rushed her out of the house, she brought her breakfast with her in the car (and she proceeded to spill her tea all over herself & my car!) and I raced to the race.

Fortunately, there was no traffic at this early hour (The race had a 8am start time) and we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

putting on my race bib

My mood changed as soon as I got there and saw my friend. Her family organized this race and she was really glad that I came. It was a popular weekend for races (even had another 5k in the same park and a big half here tomorrow.) As a result, there were not many people…probably about 60-65. It was very well organized except for one thing…the bathroom were locked and no portapotties. (Luckily I was ok.)

The weather was perfect…sunny..cool (in the 50s).

me before the race (in purple for Leukemia)

My Russian friend had no concept about running or racing and thought I wanted to WIN THE RACE!  I tried to explain that I just wanted to finish.  She wasn’t satisfied so I said that I wanted to not finish last.  This still prompted me to say that I wanted to finish under 50 minutes and finally we agreed on that I would at least beat a guy.

waiting to begin

The course was the same as last week’s 5K just longer.  I wanted to run slow and pace myself.  I haven’t run longer than a 5k since the 10K I did on Aug 10.

the course through the park

The truth is that I felt great throughout the whole race.  Either I need to not run very much or I need to run slow.  Neither concept I am satisfied with but it works for now.

In a very small race, if you’re not fast, you tend to run by yourself and this was the case.  I had a guy ahead of me in my sight most of the race.  There was one long uphill (around mile 2.5)  and I saw him walking the whole thing.  This allowed me to get closer.  I could have run up it but at the last moment I decided to walk a little to save energy and finish strong.

I even passed by both water stops and didn’t walk – a first for me this year!!

these were all over the course

Around mile 3.75, I saw Anna.  She had her ipad in her hand and she was videoing me.  I, of course, wanted to run fast for the camera and I did and passed that guy.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking, this isn’t the right time, you need to save it for end.

You can watch it here.

heading to the finish (behind those 2 happy girls)

Well, I slowed down after that but sprinted across the finish line.  Unfortunately or fortunately, it was at 45:32 and Anna missed me.

after the race…everyone got a purple medal

Then she found me and I had a medal.  She thought I won something and I didn’t deny it.

see I beat that guy by 26 sec!

There were lots of good refreshments.  Since it was such a small race, they only gave out awards for the top 5 male and female finishers (They got wine and fleetfeet gift cards!).  But they did raffle off other prizes and I won a box of Luna bars.

First 4.4 race so a PR, right?

my splits

Like with a run, I have never regretted running a race.  I don’t regret this one, either.

Happy Running! Have you ever DNSed a race?

6 thoughts on “4.4 Chase Away Leukemia Race Report

  1. Love that she thought you won something. I have a trophy someone gave me on my desk at school and I got sick of telling kids that so when they ask me if I won it I now say yes.


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