Hopping and Racing

I found out at PT why I am having trouble running.  I cannot hop!

Of course, I can hop on my good foot but I can’t on the other.  As a result, I can only push off on one foot and I am sorta dragging the other … so my running is slow, painful and awkward.

I was told to keep trying to hop.

I know it will come because there was a time when I couldn’t stand and couldn’t walk and couldn’t run.

So when I can hop, I think I will be able to race.

Speaking of racing, tomorrow is one of my favorite races.

Hopefully, it will not rain as predicted.   The SRMs are planning a group photo.  Many of the recent SRM marathoners will be cheering.

SRMs in 2011

Obviously, I cannot race it but I am doing it anyway.


  • Walk fast and finish in under an hour
  • Run some and finish under 45 minutes
  • Have fun

Happy Running!  Are you racing this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Hopping and Racing

  1. Have fun!

    Yah, hopping exposes all sorts of weaknesses…achillies tendonitis, etc.

    It’s the energy return thang that happens with every running step, really.

    Hop to it! 😉


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