More Injury Advice from SUAR

SUAR’s the best so I’ve stole advice that I need right now and maybe you do or will too.

7 tips to not let injury defeat you:

  1. You are not alone. Remember that many, many people are feeling exactly how you are feeling right now. It is incredibly frustrating and sad to not be able to do what you love to do and that feeling is universal. Just knowing others feel like you do helps. Yes.
  2. Feel athletic. Find something, anything that you can do that make you feel athletic. It will not be running, but it will be something. Try to not compare it to running, but just see it as the thing that will help you get back to running eventually. Be in the moment. When you are on the elliptical, don’t judge the fact that you are not running out on the open road. Just be on the elliptical, get your heart rate up, sweat and feel your body. Know that running is there for you when your body is ready. Look forward to that day. Biking and walking has been this for me.
  3. Have hope. Know that this temporary. Stop reading stuff online, that is usually worst case scenarios and will not help you mentally. When I had my hip stress fracture, I looked at online forums and found all sorts of awful scenarios -people who never could run again, those who had to have surgery, you name it. Chances are very good these scenarios will not be you. So true.
  4. Get perspective. You are a strong and capable runner. You have a an injury. Injuries heal (unless there is some extenuating circumstances). I had to remind myself that cracks in the bone heal if I give it time and if I rest. It did heal. It took four months, then I was running the Boston Marathon with no pain. It’s been 5 months today and I am healing…so slowly.
  5. Ignore those people who don’t understand. Confide in other runners, even if this means on line friends like me. Read chapters of books that talk about injury like Zen and the Art of Running, Running with the Mind of Meditation and Brain Training for Runners. Most running books have a section devoted to injury because most runners get injured at some point. I have.
  6. Get help. If you are really down and depressed consider seeing a sport’s psychologist even just one time. I had a friend/fellow bloggerwho did this last year when she was injured and very down about it. She just went once, but it really put her in the mind space to be able to see beyond the injury and to move out of that dark place. I think I can get through this myself …I hope I can.
  7. Focus on the gifts in your life outside of running. They are still there. Friends…family…work…

You are a runner even if you can’t run right now. This is the best line in her advice.

I decided that after running on the treadmill at PT yesterday, I am going to venture outdoors – either walk/running on a track or a dirt path.  I can’t wait!!

Happy Running!

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