Looking Forward to May…

I bet you are tired of me whining about my ankle & how I can’t run….

Yeah, me too!

So I’ll talk about how excited I am about May (and it has unfortunately nothing to do with running.)

1.  Anna is coming to the US.  In April 2002, 2004 & 2006, I participated in a teacher program where we went to Kursk, Russia to visit schools & we stayed with a family.  My family was Anna.  So I haven’t seen her since 2006.  The last time she came to the US was 2003.

hiking in Vt during her 2003 visit

I am going to see her in NYC on May 5 and then she is staying with me on May 6. I am super excited to see her again.

2.  I am going to Naples, Fla for the annual tennis ladies trip.  Although I can’t play tennis, I loves Naples and the beach and the warm weather.

at the beach 🙂

group photo at "The Dock"

I will be there May 8-15. Can’t wait for this vacation!

3. It’s the beginning of the Lake George boating season.

Our marina opens on May 15.  We may not stay there until Memorial Day weekend


4. Lastly, my birthday is May 9!!

 Happy Running!  What is your favorite month?

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