Then It Happened…

my last run of 2011

I was having a great run on a beautiful day.  The day before my friend was trying to talk me into running  a marathon. I was thinking about my plans for 2012 and which half marathons to register for.

I saw a patch of ice.  I had walked around it on the way out and so I walked around it again on the way back.  This time, my foot got caught in the mud and my ankle twisted, I fell and landed on my ankle.  I heard it break.  It was hanging sideways…sorry if this grosses you out.

I couldn’t walk.  I was a mile from my car and for some strange reason, I stupidly left my phone in my car.

I started to crawl.  The pain was incredible and I sat down on the path and I prayed that someone would pass by.

They did! A couple from Cali riding bikes. They were great.  They called 911, called my husband, gave me a coat and stayed until the ambulance came.

That was another story.  The path was below the road.  The EMTs wanted me to hop up a ravine to the road using my good foot. 

A better plan was to get me in a wheelchair and roll me to the parking lot where they could then get me on a stretcher.

Finally xrays at the hospital revealed a large bone broken into two (fibia?) and on the other side, medial lateral broken in 2 places.  YIKES!!!

They tried to push it back into place to cast it without surgery (You can imagine how that hurt!) but they then decided that it would heal better if they did surgery the next day.

And they did – one plate on one side and 2 screws on the other…lots of pain meds and lots of pain.

After 2 nights in the hospital, I am home. 

Two weeks of bed rest – ankle elevated with ice and then back to the doctor.  It looks like at least 8 weeks in a cast and then more time in a walking cast and then PT.

In other words, a long time without running, without tennis, without yoga..

I know I will heal.  I will run again.  At least it is not summer. (I am faking optimism here.)

 I have great friends.  FB posts, emails  and texts have made me feel blessed.

They have even brought me over food (my hubby does not cook!)

The Happy Runner dedicated today’s race to me!

Happy Running! Please send me quick healing vibes!!!

20 thoughts on “Then It Happened…

  1. Oh no Darlene…I’m so very sorry that happened to you. You are such a sweet person, that just isn’t fair! Yet, I am glad that some help came along for you, and that they took such good care of you until the ambulance arrived. Please keep us informed on your progress, and know that you and your quick healing will be in our prayers.


  2. So sorry Darlene. I can’t believe you were alone when this happened. Thank goodness someone passed by. I hope these next few months go fast for you!


  3. OH man, that sounds even worse than I thought! I am so sorry that happened to you. Feel better! I am sure it is not how you wanted to spend the last part of your vacation or extend your vacation. So glad people came along to help you ! Take care of yourself as best you can.


  4. Darlene … you’re brave …. I can’t even imagine. Let me know when you’re up for company and I’ll come by (& bring you food, too). Cheers to the California couple who helped you out. xxo


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  6. Oh No! What a dreadful thing to happen! And it was all going so well. The couple on bikes sound like complete stars. Look after yourself, make sure you follow the advice and don’t try to do too much too soon. Sending you lots of healing vibes.


  7. I read this on Dailymile. This is every runner’s nightmare and I’m so sorry that it happened on a run what should have been a great last run of the year.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and take it easy.

    Happy New Year Darlene.


  8. Oh geez, what a fiasco. Darlene I’m so sorry. Wishing you a speedy recovery and here’s to being up and running and yoga-ing and tennis-ing very soon. Hang in there!


  9. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I hope to recover as quickly as possible. Things like this make you appreciate your health and the support of friends 🙂


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