Three Things Thursday


  1. It was 85 degrees yesterday!!!! April 7 and warmer than it was last summer. I played tennis at 7am and didn’t plan to run after work since I was meeting a friend for a walk in the mall.  Since you can’t count on sunshine everyday, I went out for my 4 mile run which turned into 2.75 miles.  I am NOT used to the heat!!! I was dripping wet from the humidity…

Naples April 2009

   2. I am going on vacation for 8 days.  April 21-18 – my annual spring trip to Naples, Florida to play tennis.  I guess I need to squeeze in miles now.  Optimistically, I’ll bring running clothes with me but it is doubtful that there will be time to run or motivation to do so. (My tennis friends don’t run  although two used to.) We’ll  see…… Anyway I have one 5k before  (April 18) and one right after (May 2). 


3.  In this month’s Runner’s World magazine, there is an interesting interview (posted in Not all …blog)  with children’s author Jan Brett

The 2004 Boston Marathon was my first race. [She finished in 4:58.] Before that, I would do three to five miles on my own. 

I ran Boston for the MS Society the following year and every year since. [In 2009, her team raised $350,000 and she set a PR of 4:11:26.] I usually train with my sister Sophie, who has run Boston 27 times. She’s fast but she never waits for me. She’ll just turn and give me a look and I speed up. 

The first mile of every run I always get this feeling that I’m not a runner and that this is all a joke. I don’t know why. 

When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was a Native American messenger. I was so intrigued by someone running all day just to deliver a message. 

I love when I have a great mantra and I’m really pushing myself. The mantra doesn’t have to be fancy, just a made-up song or something I repeat to get through the pain. 

Every time I get a new pair of tights, I think they’re going to make me run faster. 

My goal next year is to do the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in Iceland to celebrate my 61st birthday. 

The first time we went to Africa, it was so beautiful, I was just itching to run. I asked the guide if I could go out in front of the truck. He said if I did that, every predator would come after me. The animals wouldn’t even think twice. 

A dog bit me once when I was running and I had such an adrenaline rush that I raced home as if I had wings. You always have more. When I run Boston, I always think of that. 

On the morning of my first marathon, I grabbed my leather gardening shoes from the dark hotel closet. I lost a few toenails that day. Now I pack my bag the night before. 

I always have to bring my GUs. Last year I had five. Does that sound like a lot? 

This year I want to finish Boston with nothing left, unable to take another step. That’s my goal. 

I can’t imagine running a marathon….I can’t imagine running a marathon for a FIRST race…I can’t imagine running a marathon in my 60’s… I really admire Jan and others like her!!! 

Happy Running!

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