First 5k Race of 2010


Last nite when I was playing Mah Jongg, my cold was so awful that everyone said: “You’re crazy if you do that race tomorrow! You should stay in bed!”  So I took some Nyquil and tried to get a good night’s sleep.

I got up early and didn’t feel any worse.  It was so sunny and beautiful outside.  However, that was deceiving since it was only 25 degrees!!!

I reverted to my winter running garb – tights, turtleneck, jacket, gloves, & wear my new Bondi Band to keep my ears warm.  I headed to the race.  This wasn’t the race I had planned but it was a new race and near my house so I changed my mind.

I repeat–this was a NEW race.  Only 19 people had signed up!!!! That meant everyone would probably medal!!!  It also meant that I didn’t know the course nor did any one else.

I decided to add the race tee-shirt under my jacket since the breeze picked up and made it seem even colder.

The race went up and down the streets of the neighborhood, some hilly, some not. It was hard to keep pace since there so few people. The big problem was that the course was not marked and there weren’t volunteers at every turn.  One particular corner, 4 or us couldn’t decide if we should turn or go straight.  We went straight.  I think we should have turned right!? 

There were also no mile markers & I don’t have a garmin and my ipod was buried inside 2 layers. I had no idea where I was in the race until the home stretch.

Yes, I think my training paid off.  I felt great throughout the race.  I never walked and I sprinted through the finish line. In fact, I know I should have run faster since I had too much energy left.

So my iPod said 4.7k not 5k.  It’s never accurate but I won’t be able to tell till the next 5k race how far off it is.  Though, most people agreed, this race was less than 5k.

That being said, I finished with an amazing 28:02 but may not be a PR (since it may not have been 5k.)

I’m still happy because it was my first race this year & I had a cold. 

 The buffet after was amazing: muffins, bagels, fresh fruit, pancakes, sausage!!! And at the awards ceremony, I won 2nd place in my age group.

Me after the race


 After I arrived  home, my hubby & I headed up to the Boat Show in Glens Falls and then up to Bolton Landing.  When we came home, we went out to dinner with friends and then back to their home to watch a movie.  If you haven’t seen it yet, see the Bucket List.  I even enjoyed for the 2nd time!

Happy Running!

4 thoughts on “First 5k Race of 2010

  1. ohh Wow
    i m so inspired reading this
    i tried running for 5k last year and practiced more than i should have and hurt my knee real bad
    i couldnt then run for many months
    i m going to start again thsi year..



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