Wednesday and the Gorgeous Blogger Award

It’s Wednesday and although it was beautiful this morning, it was in the 20’s and I opted for the gym.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill as planned.  In hindsight, I should have run outdoors.  The forecast for my next runs on Friday and Sunday is RAIN 😦

This award asks you to post 6 random things about yourself:

1.  I religiously follow the NY Mets (in good times and bad – lately it has been most bad).2.  My birthday is the same day as Billy Joel’s (May 9) and he’s from LI like me (so I try to see him in concert every time he is in town)

3.  I love anything French – music, food, art, literature (I went to France my junior year of college & was a French teacher for years).

4.  I can’t start the day without a double espresso with flavored creamer (or a Starbucks breve)

5.  I have through the years tried everything with a needle:  sewing…crewel…needlepoint…crocheting…knitting and now my craft of choice is quilting (below is a baby quilt I made)

6.  I collect Hallmark Barbie ornaments – my friend got me started – I’ve bought most on ebay and 1/2 price the day after Christmas

Anyone who reads this is tagged!!!!

Happy Running!

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