Three for Thursday

  1. I guess I’m really a runner… I decided to let the Freihofer Run for Women blog do a profile on me.

Click HERE to read it.

2.   After 4 days in a row of tennis, today I went to the gym and ran 2.75 miles on the treadmill.  That’s 25 miles toward my 300 mile goal.

3.  I got some new running shorts and shirts at Marshalls (love that store).  I have this thing about looking good and playing a sport (tennis, golf, running, etc.).  If my clothes don’t match, I don’t feel right.

4 thoughts on “Three for Thursday

  1. Excellent profile. What fun! I will have to try Marshalls. I never go there. I just ordered my running shoes online for $50. Someone mentioned the site on their blog but I have forgotten who! I would go thank them.


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